Boo! Here I am again! I just can't seem to keep myself off the internet. ><

Anyway, I'm just popping by to share a few goodies with you!

Two of my favourite nail bloggers, Eugenia from Ommorphia and Sam from Fashion Polish are celebrating one year of blogging by having giveaways!
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Here's wishing Ommorphia and Fashion Polish a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ^_^

While we celebrate and enjoy the giveaways, we really must thank Eugenia and Sam for all the hard work they have put into bringing us the wonderful swatches and reviews!

After starting our own nail blog, we realized that it is really not an easy thing to do. While we absolutely love to paint our own nails, swatching takes it to a whole new level! There's photographing, removing the polish to swatch another (which makes the cuticles weep), choosing and editing the photos, etc... and last, but definitely not least, writing the blog post. It really takes a lot of effort and passion to continue blogging!

So here's a huge THANK YOU to Eugenia, Sam and all the other nail bloggers out there! You are truly inspiring to all of us newbies! :)

And if you are not already following them, you are sure missing out a lot! ;)


Edit: I've decided to have a giveaways page for all the links to the giveaways. Do check these bloggers out!


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