China Glaze: Lorelei's Tiara

Merry Christmas!!! Finally the long-awaited day of the year! Have you decided what to wear on your nails? I have yet to choose my NOTD from my christmas challenge. :P

Just in case you have yet to decide on a christmas mani and have no time for nail art, don't worry! I have the perfect solution for you - run and grab a bottle of Lorelei's Tiara!

Lorelei's Tiara is definitely my favorite from China Glaze's Eye Candy 3D Glitter Collection. It was the first to catch my eye and sent me on a hunt for it. Thankfully, I spotted it amongst a whole bunch of other polishes at Smoochiezz' Far East Plaza flea the other day. :)

It is a unique mix of small silver glitter and slightly larger blue glitter in a clear base. The color reminded me of winter and it seems very appropriate for this holiday season! Isn't it pretty and sparkly? It looks almost like you have little gems on your nails!

The glitter is really dense and you can get complete coverage with just two coats if you are careful. Application was rather smooth - a little gloopy but manageable.

Here's a look at it under the sun: soooo sparkly, it's insane!!
You can really see the depth of the mani when the light hits the nails at different angles.

I've tried my best to capture the sparkles but you really have to see it for yourself. The nails come alive with sparkles as you move your hand around!

As with other glitter polishes, it is rather difficult to remove.
Out of curiosity, I tried to remove the polish the normal way. I took a long time (and several cotton pads) before I managed to remove the glitter from my thumb.
I ended up using the foil method to remove the glitter from the rest of my fingers. It was a lifesaver! Well, just make sure that there is someone else there to answer the door. My neighbor brought us some candies and had a shock when I appeared at the door with my fingers all wrapped up in foil! ><

That aside, I'm in love with this polish! If you haven't gotten your hands on it, what are you waiting for? :D

Merry X'mas!



  1. This is such a pretty polish!!! Looks great on you. Merry Christmas!!

  2. Thank you Marisa! Merry Christmas to you too! <3