China Glaze: Halloween 2012 - Wicked

It's August! Who's ready for Halloween?
Not me. Well, I wasn't until I realized that a local polish seller already brought in China Glaze's Halloween 2012 collection - Wicked! :v

I had wanted to grab the whole collection but my wallet threw a huge temper and threatened to go on strike. :f In the end, we reached a compromise and I walked away with two out of six polishes: Immortal and Cast A Spell.

Immortal. 3 coats.
A beautiful slate grey with a hint of sage green. Greys do not usually catch my eyes so I wasn't particularly interested in Immortal initially but I was blown away when I saw the swatches online. It is filled with tiny silvery flakes and, you'll never guess, blue and pink/fuchsia shimmer! It is not that obvious in my pictures but the shimmers really come to life when they catch the light. Super pretty. <3

And I won't lie, I bought this partly also because it reminds me of:

Beautiful song, beautiful polish *happy sigh* :d

While I was looking at swatches of Immortal online, I read that this may be similar to Claw Polish's Phantom. They have the same silver, blue and pink shimmery particles but I *think* Immortal is a shade greener and several shades lighter. (Read: yes, it is justified to have both! ;) )

Cast A Spell. 2 coats (potential one-coater!)
A blackened olive green base filled packed with lime gold flecks. Now this is a stunner. China Glaze definitely did not scrimp on the gold flecks - they are enough to send a gold-lover like me into a frenzy. They look absolutely striking against the dark base! I also love that sexy dark-at-the-edges look. Be still, my heart. :L

See what I mean by "packed"?
The formula for these are quite different.
Immortal was the trickier one. It is thin and tends to pool at the edges of the nail. Next time, I'll be sure to let the polish dry a little more in between coats.
On the other hand, the formula for Cast A Spell was divine. The consistency is just right and the polish practically flows onto the nails by itself. It is also very pigmented and if you're careful, you can just get away with one coat.

So, are you in the mood for Halloween yet? :brow
Which polish from Wicked are you eyeing?


p.s. you can view swatches of the other colors in this collection at A Lacquered Affair or at Happyberrynaiad.


  1. Ooo, these are gorgeous! Perfect colors for Halloween. I really like Immortal :)

  2. Helly (The NailNewbie)August 20, 2012 at 8:11 PM

    Ooh Immortal is GORGEOUS! Straight on the wishlist! Thanks for swatching these x

  3. The minute I read the name that song popped into my head! I really like them both, I love Halloween collections so much x

  4. Oh those are very pretty!! Excited already!

  5. You really need a new wallet, or the one you have need some training LOL
    Two great colors, thanks for sharing...

  6. Looooooove these! I love the first one :)

  7. These are gorgeous! I'm getting the whole collection. Great swatches! I'm soooo excited for Halloween, best holiday ever.

  8. Gorgeous! I'd been eyeing cast a spell for a bit now but then I always get every polish from cG when they do the halloween collections ;)

  9. I think so too! And immortal is really beautiful! <3

  10. yessss!! It's so pretty!! <3 And you're most welcome ^_^

  11. *whispers so The Wallet can't hear* I totally agree with you! hahaha!
    And I'm glad you like these colors! xx

  12. I'm glad you like them too! They are sooo pretty! :))

  13. *nods vigorously in agreement* ^_^

  14. I'm glad you like these! I love their halloween collections too! <3

  15. Thank you! I'm glad you like them! hahaha I love a good Halloween too! ^_^

  16. These are the two I wanna have too! Do you have a shop for me where I can buy them? :)
    Nice swatches!

  17. Thank you Danny! I'm glad you like them! ^_^
    I'm not sure if these are released anywhere else yet but if you want, you can get these from my local seller ( ). They ship international (you can check their about page for more details). Hope this helps! :)

  18. Immortal is gorgeous - I'm a sucker for any form of grey and this one is so interesting! And Cast a Spell kind of reminds me of a L'Oreal from last fall, something with owl in it's name? Regardless, it's quite lovely too!

  19. I agree! Immortal is a must-have! ;)
    And I had the exact same thought as you when I saw Cast A Spell. I found a comparison here ( ) and it seems like they are not dupes. Both are very pretty though! <3

  20. These are the only two I will be getting! Soooo gorgeous. I saw swatches from a few different people and decided on only getting Immortal. After seeing your swatch I now have to have Case a Spell!

  21. *oops sorry for this late reply, I was experiencing some problems with the disqus system*
    Thank you so much! I'm glad you love these! :D