12 Days of Round-Up: Best Indie Collection 2012

Oops I apologize for this incredibly late post today! I had been really busy with spring cleaning (where did 2012 go?!) and trying to swatch my collection on swatch sticks during my little "breaks" from all the housework.

Anyway, having looked at some of my favorite mainstream collections yesterday, let's take a look at some of the indie collections that caught my heart this year!

a-england The Legends

source: ommorphia
Gorgeous colors to go with a beautiful story. I have a weakness for myths and legends so I am already slightly biased towards this collection. Add some beautiful holos to the collection and *poof* instant favorite. Although there are many other polishes with stronger holo effect, I still have a soft-spot for a-england's holos because they are softer and look more elegant.

Cult Nails Behind Closed Doors

Source: Chalkboard News

Sexy naughty collection with incredibly rich colors = extremely hard to resist. Right up my alley!!
I tried to tell myself I don't need them but I don't know how long more I can hold out for. I already caved in and got Flushed. :$

HARE Polish Finder's Keepers

source: harepolish
Now, don't look at me like that! I am a HARE fan but I honestly did try my darndest to choose only two or three to buy. I stared at swatches for hours and.... ended up buying everything. I am such a fail. :b In my defense, the colors are all so unique and pretty! I honestly don't understand how Nikole manages to snag my heart again and again...

Rainbow Honey Yokai

Yup, I couldn't resist. Folklores and myths? Check. Beautiful colors? Check. Unique? Check. The formula wasn't the best but I think I can put up with it.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Fan Collection Spring 2012

source: scrangie
This is a collection that made me wish I were rich enough to buy them all. Incredibly gorgeous colors that are so unique. It certainly didn't help that I'm on a blue-green kick this year! The more I look at them, the more I want them. Unfortunately, most of these are no longer available for sale at RBL - I don't know whether to feel relieved (money saved!) or frustrated (because I didn't get them when they were available). :et

What are some of the indie collections that caught your heart this year?


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