HARE Polish: The First Collection (Reformulated)

Ok... it is no secret that I am a huge HARE polish fan right? Right. :e
And so it should not come as a surprise that I did a mega haul of shame during her last few Etsy restocks, right?

In my defense, my brain was malfunctioning during that period (revision for exams!) and I badly needed some retail therapy... Oh, scrap that. Who am I kidding?? There is no way I could miss HARE polish's restock! :brow

So let's start off with some swatches of the reformulated First Collection, shall we?


A Positive. 2 coats over 2 coats of OPI Houston, We Have A Purple.
A super squishy bright magenta red jelly filled with a mix of silver hexes of three different sizes. The base color was a little sheer so I decided to layer this over HWHAP lest the silver hexes cover up the entire base color if I try to build it up to opacity on its own. I had contemplated skipping this but I'm really glad I didn't. :L If you love jelly glitters, this will be right up your alley too.



Pegasus. 2 coats over China Glaze Light As Air on the first three fingers & 2 coats on its own on the pinkie.
Another silver hex glitter mix but in a soft lilac base this time. The silver hexes are colored white by the base color, giving it an unexpectedly delicate and feminine look. :angel I'm so glad I managed to snag this one after lemming for it for so long!



Bisbee. 3 coats on its own.
And finally, the star of the collection - this little bunny was wiped out within seconds in each of the restocks and I was really lucky to get it before it was gone. It was literally the fastest shopping I had ever done - I was in and checking out in under a minute. The adrenaline was still coursing through my body long after the damage was done.... Oops, I digressed.
Bisbee is a bright green-leaning turquoise filled with a mix of gold hexes of different sizes. I had some problems with the larger glitters clumping and curling a wee bit but nothing a little prodding and manipulating can't solve. In any case, how could I hold it against a pretty polish like Bisbee? You know you want it too. ;)


There is one other polish from the First Collection, Archipelago, but it is not ready to be included in this reformulated collection. :( I am hoping that Nikole will be able to find the right materials to make it once again! It's a stunning beauty and I would hate to miss it.

So, what do you think of HARE polish's First Collection?
Stay tuned for more swatches soon!



  1. Uggggggnnngggh. I love that you swatched these polishes so beautifully. I hate that Bisbee is out of stock. Love/Hate, two sides of a coin right? :D So pretty! I love how simple let original all of HARE polishes are.

  2. I've never heard of this Etsy seller, so I'm definitely glad.you shared!! I think I NEED A Positive in my life!!




  3. I can't wait for her next restock! I'm dying to get Oceans of Alloys and Cast In Bronze :D

    BTW! Glad to see that you're back!

  4. Pegasus is on my wish list, and Bisbee is starting to grow on me. It's funny that Bisbee is in such high demand, to me, it is really not that complicated, just green glitter in a blue base. So maybe I'm missing something? Or perhaps because it's a unique colour combination. :/

  5. As I also bought all three, it's pretty clear what I'm thinking of them: love them!

  6. Love your swatches as usual teehee! You made A Positive look really good, so much so that I am wondering why I didn't like it back then XP

  7. I just love HARE Polish! I can't wait to see more!

  8. aww lol! Thank you mimi! <3 I fell in love with her polishes back then for the exact same reason!

  9. Thank you Kay!! I'm so glad to be back too! I've been wearing Oceans of Alloys for a few days now and it is so pretty! xx

  10. I felt the same back then!! To be honest, Bisbee was the only one from her First Collection that didn't appeal to me at first. But after I started getting into turquoises, I just fell in love with Bisbee! lol! It is a simple glitter mix (as with the other polishes in this collection) but the color combination is unique and pretty ^_^

  11. Thank you Ange! I'm glad you like it too! ^_^ As this is my fav indie brand, I am going to shamelessly agree with you - yes, you do need it!! ;p

  12. Thank you Cheryl dear!! Yes, I was wondering why you didn't want it too! You made me doubt my choice but I am glad I went ahead to buy this! hahahah! ;p

  13. me tooo!! I'm such a huge HARE fan! o''o lol!!

  14. OMG, look at all the pretty Hares! <3 Your swatches are pretty as always. I want Bisbee!

  15. Thank you Camila dear! I'm loving all of them so much! ;D

  16. I'm scouring every blog sale for sale Hare Polish, there's a restock at Llarowe on Thursday....I can't wait! Lovely swatches. You make them all look so beautiful !

  17. Thank you Jamie!! I hope you will be able to get the polishes you want! :D