12 Days of Round-Up: Best Mainstream Collections 2012

Before I attempt to list down some of my favorite polishes of the year, I thought it is worth mentioning some of the collections (as opposed to individual colors) that have caught my heart this year.

So let's take a look at the collections that had me going "BUY-ALL-THE-COLORS!!" :fire
At least until I realize I don't have enough money to cart them out :P

OPI Holland

source: fab fatale
Brights, dusty faded colors and even darks - this collection has them all! It is really hard to ignore a collection that has something for everyone. It didn't help that the colors are so pretty too! Just looking at this picture makes me all ready for spring. :rainbow

OPI NYC Ballet

source: scrangie
An unexpected favorite of mine - this is a collection that I had dismissed time after time (even after seeing swatches) until I saw Scrangie's post. She captured the softness and squishiness of the jellies perfectly and I couldn't help falling in love with them. :L Because I don't usually wear soft shades, I only got Barre My Soul (the first on the left) and Pirouette My Whistle. But I am definitely thinking of getting more for work though - the formula was perfect.

Color Club Halo Hues

source: color club
Now this is a highly-anticipated collection that set many holo-lovers' hearts racing. It is said to have an excellent formula (i.e. no need special base coats, etc) without compromising the holographic effects so it definitely deserved a spot on this list. I have my eyes on this collection but I am holding back for now and waiting to see the China Glaze Hologram to be released in 2013! :P

Zoya Designer & Diva

Source: scrangie.com
Ahh... fall collections are my favorites of the year - I am such a sucker for rich, dark, vampy colors. I must say that I have at least a favorite from each of the fall collections but Zoya's fall collections, as a whole, stole my heart. I love the range of sparkly colors in the Diva collection. They also had me ooo-ing and ahh-ing at the smoky cremes in the Designer collection - if there is anything that I love more than a vampy color, it is a smoky vampy color. I swear, if Zoyas were more readily available here, I would have snapped them all up in the blink of an eye.

Zoya Ornate

Source: scrangie.com
Another Zoya collection! This time, we have Zoya's first holographic polishes! Extremely beautiful colors to go with the scattered holo particles - you can't go wrong with black, purple and red. I believe they are similar to some of the Ozotic polishes so if you have been holding back because of the price tag on the Ozotics, you should not miss out on these Zoyas. Apart from the holographic polishes, I also fell in love with their foils. Instead of being a plain and boring foil, they have a little something to keep them from looking too flat on the nails. I don't really like Electra because of the bar glitters but if you are a fan of bar glitters, you will love how sparkly it is. For the unique and beautiful colors, Zoya stood out amongst all the other holiday collections for me. :h

What are some of the mainstream collections that have caught your heart this year?


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  1. no zoya beach and surf? i don't own them all, but i wish i did. they are gorgeous!

  2. All awesome collections!!! Especially the Color Clubs!

  3. Great picks, as usual! :D I'm definitely loving the Zoyas, they're all so gorgeous!

  4. I love the colors and they are a strong contender for my favs but these stand out just that bit more for me ;p

  5. Thank you Camila!
    I wish Zoyas are more widely available!! I do love so so many of their polishes :(

  6. I think it's rather amazing how I have one or more polishes from each of the collections you've posted here (with the exception of the Zoya collections) - Must be that both of us have great taste, huh? *raises eyebrows*

    On a related note, I'm sad whenever I see these Zoya collections as there are so many I want but nobody seems to have them except this one retailer who I haven't had a good experience with :/ I'm hoping though that in the next year, Zoyas will be more readily available in Singapore.

    Oh! And I was definitely caught off guard by how much I liked the NYC sheers as well - I didn't grab any until I tried on the grey jelly at my friend's home and promptly falling in love with the zombie-fied look it gave my hands :>

  7. Of those collections, I love Halo Hues and Ornate. I also loved tons of the polishes from China Glass's Capitol Colors collection, but not each and every one.

  8. *high5* for our great tastes ;)

    And I totally hear you about the Zoyas!!! I feel like tearing my hair out in frustration each time I see new Zoyas that I like T-T

    I don't have many greys but I am loving the NYC ballet one too! I feel like getting the whole collection but a tiny part of me still asks if I really need all of them ;p

  9. me too!! I bought a few from the CG Capitol Colors collection but not all the colors appealed to me so I didn't include it in my list of favs ;p