Nail Fails: Water Marbling

Wow! It's already more than a month since we started blogging! Time really flies! So, I would like to start off this post by thanking all our followers for your support! We hope that you've enjoyed our posts as much as we've enjoyed writing them. :)

Although we have kind of neglected our blog for the past few weeks due to exams, we promise that we will blog more regularly from now on. *pinky promise* We are also looking at making some changes to our blog so do look out for them! We gladly welcome any suggestions for our blog. So please feel free to let us know what you would like to see!

Ok. On to today's post!

Ever since I've started frequently nail blogs, I thought that it will be fun to try some water marbling! Some of the designs are just so pretty!!

So... I enthusiastically took out all the barang-barang (meaning: things) and prepared my nail by wrapping them and painting one coat of white. Then, I chose three random cheap polishes and dripped them onto the water surface (it was at room temperature!).

Then... they refused to spread! *horrors* So began the search for another trio... It didn't take me long to discover that Camelot spreads like a dream over the water surface and I decided to pair it with my other two a-england pretties: Tristam and Lady of the Lake. They both spread beautifully too!

Most unfortunately...... I bunged up the design and this was how it turned out on my nail:

See the clump of black near my cuticles? I don't understand why the polish pool on the nail near that cuticles. It looks as if I have flooded them with nail polish!

Annnnd, you're right! There are bubbles everywhere! I have no idea why they appeared. :((

I was so disappointed in my design, or more accurately, the lack of a design, I didn't wait for the polish to dry before removing it. Some how, I've also missed the prettier part of the design - which got stuck onto the tape on the sides of my finger.

See the different rings? They look so pretty on the tape! I've completely missed that on my nail -_-|| Sigh.

I shall try water marbling again one day. I refoooooosee to believe that I cannot do this.
Any tips for me? :( I would really appreciate any help I can get!


p.s. this should be the last of our scheduled posts! We will be having our last paper tomorrow! yippeeeeee!  So do watch out for more polishes coming your way! =D

Nail mail earlier this week


  1. This looks great. I did try it once and I wasn't properly prepared so it didn't come out properly, but I will have another go when I have more time.

  2. You're too kind! :) I recently gave water marbling another go and it turned out much much better. I guess practice does make perfect after all! :D

  3. I did it today and it was so easy look up the videos on you tube they arenhelpful

  4. Thank you Riley! I will be sure to check them out! :)