Tony Moly: GT02 Earth (Galaxy)

Hello everyone! *waves enthusiatically*

Why am I so happy, you ask? Well, we're at 96 GFC followers!! Only 4 more to the magical 100! *yay* Thank you so much for liking us and joining us here in our little polish well :)
Definitely time to plan a little thank you gift *wink*

Today, I'm back with the second of the Tony Moly Galaxy glitters - Earth!

Earth is another fantastic polish jam-packed with a mix of blue, purple and pink glitter in a sheer dark purple base (the second picture is more color accurate). And am I imagining those random rainbow flashes from the polish? Ok, I did not. There are some holographic glitters buried in the mix too! Awesome!

Again, I can hardly imagine Mother Earth looking this sexy vampy! Lol!

Here's another drool-inducing macro shot of the nail:

Eh... wait a minute! It does look similar to my franken, Purple Rose of Virgo! D: 
But they are definitely not dupes. The glitters in Earth are generally chunkier and much more dense. Cue: foil removal method
What can I say? I love them both! :D

What do you think of Earth?



  1. of all of Galaxy polishes, this is my absolut fav! so amazing!

  2. I'm glad you like this! It is really complex and mysterious, isn't it? ^_^

  3. yes, I think that's the right word - mysterious! :)