Cult Nails: Living Water (and a comparison with CG Smoke and Ashes)

Seeing as the Cult Nails $5 sale is starting in a few hours, I thought it would be a good time to show you one of my favorites: Living Water! It was the polish that led me to join the Cult after all! ;)

Living Water is described as a "deep blue jelly polish with ice blue and emerald green glitter inspired by the phosphorescent sea-water". I really couldn't have said it better myself!

It was definitely a love at first sight for me. Who doesn't love some sexy sparkly glitter twinkling in a dark base? Then, I knew I had to get this after I read the description - my geeky self was hooked when I saw the words "phosphorescent sea-water". How cool is that? ;p

Twinkling... twinkling... *_*

Isn't it just mesmerizing?! *_*

The formula is really good too. It was smooth and easy to apply, taking only two coats to be completely opaque. (Please don't mind the bald spot on my ring finger - didn't realize I mucked it up until I was editing the photos.) It dries really glossy with a nice jelly finish but I added top coat to help the micro-glitter shine - only one coat of Seche Vite was needed.

As promised, here's a quick comparison with China Glaze's Smoke and Ashes which I've previously swatched here. Both are shown with one coat of Poshe base, two coats of color and one coat of Seche Vite. As always, click to enlarge!

From afar (stretch-your-hands-as-far-from-you kind of afar), they are really similar, if not alike. But they are definitely not dupes. Living Water is an obvious darkened blue / teal jelly (look at that shine!) while Smoke and Ashes looks like a nearly black creme. LW also has glitters instead of flecks. The glitters in LW show up slightly more on the nails too - they glow.

Here's one last picture that show the glitters and flecks more clearly:

So do you need both? Not really... Unless you have a weakness for this kind of colors, like me.
If you ask me, I actually prefer Living Water because of the formula and the glowy glitter. But if you don't like glitter removal (I highly recommend the foil method), Smoke and Ashes would be a better choice for you. It's really pretty too!

Cult Nails can be purchased on their website - they ship internationally!
For people staying in or near Singapore, you can also purchase Cult Nails from the sweet Mei Mei at Mei Mei's Signatures for SGD12.50 each. Delivery is extremely fast too! :)

FYI: The $5 Sale starts at midnight EST on April 7 until 11:59pm EST on April 7!
You can now buy up to 3 colors at USD 5 each!
For more details, please check out this post. I am not entirely sure if Living Water will be available as there are less than 200 bottles available in stock as of April 3.

So what do you think of Living Water?
Which other Cult Nails do you like?



  1. As I was looking up swatches to choose for colors to order in the $5 sale, I did feel that LW and S&A looked similar. Glad that you did this comparison. They do look very similar to me.. 

  2. Mannn I was only going to grab 2 $5 ones haha but your pictures just convinced me to get a 3rd. Dannnggg it! <3

  3. Yup they are! :)
    So which shades will you be getting from Cult Nails? 

  4. lol! You're welcome! ;p 
    Thankfully they extended the sale to three colors! :D

  5. I am choosing between In a Trance, Cruisin' Nude, Power Thief and Let Me Fly... Still very indecisive, who know I might just get them all. lol.. I like Living Water and Mind Control too, but I am seriously out of budget.. :D

  6. Ahh I love Mind Control and Let Me Fly too!
    I am still trying to work out if I can spare some money for the sale lol! 

  7. And you know I love yours too! lol!! 

  8. Yah, nail polish addiction really makes us poor... lol.. 

    Maria mentioned that there would be another sales coming up after they restocked some of the colors but the 2nd sales only limited to several colors. Let Me Fly (but not Mind Control) is in the list of 2nd sales, maybe can wait til then. :D:D

  9. Brilliant post, one I've had on my mind, but my camera surely wouldn't capture! Will be sharing this with my followers :)

  10. Living Water looks nicer than Smoke and Ashes I think. Both is beautiful but Cult Nails looks better.

  11. Glad you think so too! Almost everything about it is perfect! :D

  12. Twinsies! I'm wearing CN 'Living Water' too for today's post! lol :oD This looks great and didn't even think to do this comparison - good thinking!

  13. Twinsies indeed lol! And it looks good on you too! I love that you topped your ring finger with Sea Creature! It's amaaazing <3

  14. These are so pretty!! Thanks for the comparison!

  15. You're welcome~ I love them both! ;)