Girly Bits: Shift Happens

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Today we have another post by Cheryl!
If you are a huge fan of indie polishes, you will definitely enjoy this post! I know because the polish sure had me drooling all over my laptop! ;p

Without further ado...


I have wanted to try out some of the gorgeous self-made polishes by all the talented nail bloggers whose swatches have been popping up on my blog newsfeed for a while now. So, when meimeisignatures brought the indie brand Girly Bits in, I knew that I had to try it! Pam is the lovely lady behind Pam’s Girly Bits, and I must say that her collections so far have been really unique! I had a hard time choosing which polish to purchase because they all looked so pretty, but I finally settled on Shift Happens after much consideration.

Shift Happens is a beautiful layering polish that undergoes various color shifts from dark red to gold to green. For these photos, I layered one thin coat of Shift Happens over two coats of A England’s Camelot. But, I would imagine that this would look great over other dark polishes as well. Indoors, my nails were of a muted dark shimmery red. But, when the light hits it just right, they turn into breathtaking shades of orange, gold and green. It’s really pure awesomeness. If you have been lusting after Clarins 230 or the recent Max Factor’s Fantasy Fire (which is practically impossible to find where I am staying!), I would say that Shift Happens would be a perfect alternative to them. The color shifts in this polish makes it really intriguing to look at when it’s applied on your nails!

mich: *jaw drops*
What do you think? Are you eyeing any of the Girly Bits polishes already? ;P


Thank you Cheryl!

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  1. Oh my so pretty!

  2. Girly Bits polishes are so pretty! I've been eyeing Razzle Dazzle. 

  3. Hey I nominated you for some awards on my blog!

  4. Shimmery multichrome goodness!! :D

  5. Oh yes, that is another very gorgeous polish! I've been drooling over Girly Bits for a while now... Shall buy some for myself as soon as I can! ;)

  6. That indeed is an epic polish!!  Wowza!

    Mich, you're sitting at 799 followers right now.  Congrats on the imminent milestone!

  7. ikr?! I oo-ed and ah-ed when cheryl sent me the pictures for the post! ;p

    Thank you, Amanda! o^_^o
    I didn't notice the numbers creeping up even after the first giveaway had ended! I'm so thankful for having lovely readers like you <3!!

  8. Stunning. Jaw droppingly gorgeous.
    I need this polish lol.

  9. Wow! This is stunning!

  10. Wowza, this is GORGEOUS!!

  11. Beautiful!!!

  12. ikr?! I am such a sucker for multichromes but this one and ozotic 505 completely blow my mind out <3