Stamp Plates!

Hi all!!

This is going to be my first 'proper' post (discounting the blog awards, giveaway and such) for a long time!! *waves to new followers* =D

Today I'm going to try out and compare all the nail plates I have!! Three!!

The first two are N.NAIL stamp plates from KKCenterHK, B57 and B97!

The first thing that caught my eye when I looked at B57 (leftmost in picture above) was the stripes and stars groove pattern. What else can one be reminded of but the American flag? =D So I wanted to create this look:
Picture adapted from here

And so after multiple tries on the plate, I finally got this!!

I applied only one layer of base coat. After it dried, I stamped the pattern on the tip. I used Mayer AM11 for red, China Glaze Up All Night for blue. Only one drop of each colour is needed to fill up the groove on the plate (you can jab around to fill up all space there is in the groove, but do this fast!). Then I went over it with Tony Moly Hologram and a top coat. Tadaa! 
Felt all ready to watch The Avengers this May!!

Whee! Poster! Nice fan art right?! Source

A friendly note: the polish you use might stay in the groove and make it shallower and shallower such that your stamp will pick up less and less polish each time you stamp! Be sure to clean up when it gets intolerably shallow (according to whatever your tolerance level may be). For the little grooves and the edges of the grooves, you can use a brush (from your unwanted old make up brushes or your normal manicure clean-up brushes) to poke around so that the grooves will be squeaky clean and ready to fill with polish again!

Okay, so on to the next plate!

This is the one that caught my eye!

So badass right?! This pattern can be used as a french tip (if your nails are wide enough) or it can be done vertically as thus (provided also that your nail is long enough). I was very impressed with the nail plate because the pattern in the tiny grooves were easily imprinted on my nail! No struggles at all :D

Here I used 2 layers of Blaze Lemon Zest on base coat, Dearface Black for the pattern, and here it is seen with top coat!

Love the colour-changing Blaze so much! Here it is in the sun ^_^

Last but not least, KONAD nail plate (topmost in picture above). The set was given to me by my friend for my birthday. It comes with a plate, a scraper, a stamp, and a special KONAD nail polish. I think it's considered special because it is more viscous but doesn't dry too fast in the groove so that it's hard to pick up. Any similar nail polish can do the job reasonably well too.

Here's a picture of 1 layer of Sinful Colors What's your name on top of base coat. Look at the purplish and teal flecks! Love this polish. Super pigmented and all. No bald spots ^_^ Okay let's not get distracted..

For the pattern I used the KONAD special nail polish (silver, shimmery) and mixed a little China Glaze Up All Night. Again, I emphasise that you need to be quick! Then I stamped the pattern on twice, and thankfully the outcome looked quite matching and it is not immediately obvious that it was stamped twice instead of just once =P The picture above is seen without top coat, while top coat is applied for the pictures below.

Silver with a blue-ish hue, seen with purple flecks!! <3

Drooling goodness =D

Here, it is taken from another angle and you can see that you cannot really tell where the first stamp pattern starts or ends, or where the second one does! The advantage of having complicated patterns hehe.

 Here's a final one in the sun!

The whole process was actually not that stressful and frantic, perhaps because it's not the first time I've tried stamping. But it is the first time I am using more than one colour for two out of three of the patterns, so a little more speed is needed.

Both the konad and N.NAIL stamp plates stamp really well and I was able to pick up the entire design cleanly, including the little edges of the second pattern, and the stars of the American flag pattern! But of course, to keep your plates in tip-top condition and your imprinted patterns clean and sharp-edged, use your nail polish remover and brushes!

The N.NAIL plates can be found here at KKCenterHK. They also stock a great variety of other makeup products. If you decide to shop there, be sure to check out using our unique promo code "ThePolishWell" for a 10% discount - valid till 31 Jan 2013! Yippee!

AND, *pssstt* here's sharing a secret: Mich is gonna do a post on stamping soon, and it's gonna have many useful tips for stamping! Stay tuned, and I'll leave you in her very good hands (omg pun!)!

Happy shopping and stamping! ;)


*N.NAIL Stamp plates B57 and B97 were provided for review. For more information, please see our disclosure policy.*


  1. I always want to try nail stamping but have not been adventurous enough.. :D
    Maybe I should get 1 set tomorrow.. kekeke 

  2. that's fast!! tomorrow? ahaha we've been tempting you a lot! =D it's seriously quite fun and an easy way to get pretty designs onto your nails without much fuss or without spending loads at the manicurist ;)) definitely worth the price!

  3. Jayo and Mich are evil.. but I enjoy reading you blog though. lol

    hmm.. nail stamping has officially entered my wish list now.. :D

  4. thanks!! <3 we're flattered in a unique way ;)

    ANDDD looking forward to see your stamping posts =D


  5. Niceee! Especially like the last design, it looks so pretty on your nails! Now I am tempted to try out stamping for myself too! :D

  6. A Girl and Her PolishApril 16, 2012 at 2:35 AM

    I think the last stamp is my favorite! :)

  7. thank you!! =^_^= i think a full mani for it would be quite flattering eh? maybe i shall do it sometime =D


  8. Yay okay, after exams ! On a nail painting ban for now :P