Nail Ideas: Easter!

Happy Easter Sunday everyone!

It's been a really long while since I've last attempted any nail art. So I've decided to pick up my tools and try some Easter design - complete with Easter eggs and bunny!

Much as I wanted to come up with something pretty, I was quite uninspired despite surfing pinterest, weheartit and my trusty google! In the end, I decided to do a skittle mani with soft Easter shades.

Since Easter is all about pastels, I dug around for them in my stash. It turned out that I only have two cremes that could remotely pass as being pastel-ish - China Glaze's Seaspray and For Audrey. *facepalm*
So I rolled up my sleeves and frankened a small amount of baby pink for my index finger. It turned out being a little dusty looking and leaning lavender - awesome!
Just as I was about to add some blue into the mixture to get some pastel purple, I spied my Spring Kisses at the corner of the drawer and decided to use it. To tone down the shimmer and make it more pastel-like, I topped it off with a coat of beige jelly, OPI Barre My Soul. The milky jelly worked quite well as a pastel-fier I must say ;p
That was quite some work just to get the base colors, right? Just imagine the time I would have saved if I just had some pastel shades in my stash! lol!

Anyway, I ended up doing polka dots for all the nails (except the ring finger) because I wanted to keep the mani simple and wearable. I figured it's ok since people paint polka dots on Easter eggs too, right? Ok ok, I admit, I was actually just being lazy. ;)
The bunny was painted using the polish brush and a toothpick (as usual).

And just because I think the polka dots and bunny will look softer matted:
(yes I've got my matte top coat! Whee~)

Ahh I love that my nails have gone all fuzzy looking! :D

So what do you think of my Easter nails?
What are you wearing for Easter this year? Feel free to share your mani on our facebook page! After all, it's no fun just seeing my nails all the time ;)


Edit: I was told by a friend that a similar design was seen on instagram. I've not actually seen it myself before I did this mani (and still have not) so please do not be offended if I had actually replicated your design without knowing! It is always my policy to acknowledge the sources that I've referred to.


  1. This is super cute.  I need to do my easter nails tonight and I'm feeling really uninspired.

  2. Thank you, Amanda! 
    Perhaps you can try looking at pinterest? There are some really cute pictures that may just inspire you! ;)

  3. Wow I didn't notice they were mattified before! Looks like you are putting your matte top coat to very good use! Niceeeee :D

  4. Thank you, Cheryl! Yup I only matted them after I took the Instagram pic! Lol! I really am liking the matte top coat a lot ;p

  5. Hi girls :D
    I have nominated you for Versatile Blogger award on my nail polish blog (:

    &the bunny is super adorable :3

  6. Cute! You are creative as always! And you got yourself a matte top coat. *wink*

  7. Aww thank you, Esther! o"o You're too sweet! <3
    Yup! My friend happened to have one to spare me so I just bought it from her ;)

  8. The matte polka dots are so cute! And so is your bunny! Adorable mani =)

  9. Aww Mich, is so cute *-* I love it!! 

  10. Thank you, Marie! Glad you like it <3

  11. lovely - so simple and so cute x

  12. Pretty! I love it with the matte top coat!

  13. Thank you, Bethany! I prefer it matte too! ^_^

  14. This is too cute!!!