The 100 Followers Giveaway: Winners!

Good morning everyone!

Finally... the announcement that everyone is waiting for!!

Thank you for participating in our giveaway!! The immense response was waaayyy beyond what we've expected. We're so extremely overwhelmed by the wonderful messages and support and love you have sent our way. So here's an official welcome to all the new followers! *waves* And also to our loyal long-time followers: we love you very much! *bises*

Before we go on to announce the winners of the giveaway, we've decided that it is only fair for us to address the comments and suggestions that you've given us during the giveaway.

While some of you have enjoyed our blog (thank you for the sweet comments!), many of you have also suggested more nail art, swatches, tutorials, tips and tricks, comparisons and hauls. We will be working on incorporating more of these posts in our blogging routine to make it more interesting and varied. Some of you have also requested for more swatches of HTFs but as we've just started this little hobby of ours, we do not have any of such beautiful and rare polishes :( A number of you have also asked for Zoya swatches... I have only one confession to make: I'm ashamed to say that I've only recently started noticing Zoya but I will definitely be working on getting myself more Zoya love! We will also be working on adding a "where to buy" page to help other polishaholics satisfy their addiction needs ;p

Sooo... in conclusion, we will be having a revamp of our blog as soon as we find the time. Do keep a look out for that! Meanwhile, if you have any other suggestions or things that you would like to see on our blog, please do drop us a comment on our blog, facebook, twitter or email! We would love to hear from you! After all, that's partly why we decided to join in the polish community in the first place! :D

And now, for the part where all of you have truly been waiting for (bet you just scrolled down to this, lol!):

The winners!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

1. Juliana O.
2. Karine N. from Nailderella
3. Priscillia Y. from Coloredglass

Congratulations to our winners!!

We'll be emailing you shortly for your choice of prizes and your address =))

We're super excited to give away such lovely polishes!! Hope you'll love the polishes as much as we do, whatever you may choose ;)

The winners shall have 48 hours to reply, failing which a new winner will be drawn in their place.

So there, at long last, our very first giveaway *heaves a happy sigh*. It was fun, wasn't it? :D
We hope that you have come to enjoy our blog and continue to give us your support!

jayo & mich


  1. Congrats to the winners,

  2. Yay for the winners, and I can't wait to watch y'all's blog grow =)

  3. Thank you for your support, Shelby! <3

  4. OMG! I can't belive I'm part of the winners! Thank you SO MUCH!!!!!! I'm so HAPPY! I'll reply to your mail soon :D

  5. Hahah you're welcome! :D 
    Got your email already! Will be getting those colors for you soon! Great picks ;p