Guest Post!

Good morning polished pretties!

I hope your week has been well. I've barely survived mine! I was "on call" for one of my classes so I had to be ready to answer any questions that my professor puts to me. For that, I slogged through a million cases before class to avoid being a blabbering fool in front of everyone. Ok... I exaggerated... Not a million but it definitely felt like forever. Anyhow, I'm glad I survived the class. :D

Today, we're having a guest post by our dear friend and fellow budding polish enthusiast, Cheryl! My fellow tweeps would have recognized her as the sweet angel who lent me some a-englands to try. <3 Although she has yet to start blogging, she has gotten into the habit of posting pretty NOTDs on her twitter that got me drooling all over my laptop. Since it is a sin not to share, we've decided to invite her to do some guest posting on our blog!




When Jayo and Mich asked me to write in their amazing blog, I was so thrilled that I accepted their offer immediately. I have only begun my love affair with nail polish early on this year, but have been so intrigued by all the different variations out there!

Painting my nails has largely become a therapeutic process for me, and allows me to take a much- needed breather amidst the busy semester. Therefore, after completing a dreadful test at school earlier this week, I decided to paint my nails as a little reward for myself!

Here is OPI’s DS Extravagance layered with OPI’s I Lily Love You, which Mich so kindly allowed me to try. Extravagance is a gorgeous fuchsia holo that was nicely opaque in two coats. This has got to be one of my favorite nail polishes among those I have tried! I then topped it off with I Lily Love you, which is a light pink jelly polish that is chockfull of multi-colored glitters and flakies. Although it is probably too sheer to be worn on its own unless you give it more coats, it definitely works great as a layering polish.

What do you think of this combination? I really hope that you have enjoyed reading my first attempt at blogging as much as I have enjoyed writing this! (:



  1. What a pretty combination!!

  2. Love it! can't go wrong with I lily love you :)

  3. Thanks dear! I am liking I lily love you a lot too! ;)

  4. Aww, thank you for the compliments! :D

  5. That is an insanely gorgeous combination!  This is the first post that has made me really, really want Extravagance just so I can copy this one day...  The glitter from both looks amazing!

  6. Thanks Yvonne for the kind words! I really love this combination too, so much so that I am still reluctant to take it off my nails even after wearing it for one week! 

  7. I LOVE this combo, those flakies look gorgeous over Extravagance! 

  8. I Lily Love You is just great for layering! Especially with red/pink/fushcia base polish :D

  9. I have to agree with you on that! It's super pretty! I've seen some over black and it look pretty amazing too! <3