More Upcoming 2012 Collections!!

Some of you might have already seen the latest press releases and other whisperings floating around... I know I am a little late into the party so I shall make it up by having a bumper post on the some of the collections that I've caught wind of :D

So, ladies (and gentlemen), just sit back and enjoy~

I do not have access to press releases myself so don't hold me to the accuracy of the information below!
All pictures shown are from everything2k unless stated otherwise.

Source: zoya
Zoya Summer 2012: Beach & Surf
Available: 1 April 2012

Now now, what are these pretty shades and shimmery beauties that I spy? If these don't scream summer, I don't know what else does! They make me want to bust out my shades and sunblock for a relaxing tan at the beach (with some refreshing tropical drinks).... ahhh, that would be life! ;p
Anyway, you can already see swatches on Temptalia (beach & surf) and Scrangie (beach & surf).

source: chicprofile

Orly Summer 2012: Feel the Vibe
Available: April 2012

More summer neons! Boy is that yellow bright! It looks like it's going to be one mega yellow highlighter - in polish form, of course. Interesting that they included the shimmery navy blue and pearl white though. They don't quite fit with the summer theme, do they?

Source: the nail files

Orly Dark Shadows
Available: May 2012

Ooo... dark yummy colors to go with the Tim Burton movie Dark Shadows! I haven't heard of Dark Shadows (possibly because of my fear of horror movies) but it seems to be very popular. Damn my scaredy-cat self! Anyway, I'm not entirely sure whether these colors are new shades but the blue-purple duochrome sure reminds me of Orly Royal Velvet. The brown with gold (?) shimmer looks interesting though.
Essie Poppy-Razzi Neons 2012
Available: 1 May 2012

Seems like bright coral, pink and orange are the summer shades this year! Really much too bright for my liking. Interesting name though... poppy-razzi... *sings* Pa-pa pa-parazzi~

Source: geeksaresexy
OPI The Amazing Spiderman 2012
Available (in salons): May 2012

More movie collections! I am not entirely convinced I need these colors. They look pretty but not quite unique. More shatter? Urm...I think I will pass that too. Wait, is that a Chanel Peridot dupe wannabe I spotted there?

OPI Minnie Mouse Summer 2012
Available: 1 June 2012

Ahhh.. my childhood cartoon! My sister and I used to fight over being Minnie. Of course, I always win. She was stuck with being Daisy Duck. ;p Anyway, although I am not a huge fan of pink, Jayo might like this collection - especially the heart glitter, Nothin' Mousie 'bout It. Hey, jayo!! Did you see this?!
[edit by jayo: YES OMG YOU KNOW ME SO WELL!?!?! and the shade is AWESOME too!!!!]

China Glaze Bohemian 2012
Available: ?

I've posted about this on facebook earlier but I should include these... DUOCHROMES! China Glaze, you've got my heart alright. Although nowhere in the league of Ozotic, they still look rather pretty. I'm especially eyeing Unpredictable and Deviantly Daring. For those who are still looking for Chanel Peridot dupes, you might be wanting some Rare and Radiant!

China Glaze Halloween 2012: Wicked
Available: ?

Can I declare my love for China Glaze again? Just look at this Halloween collection!! Wicked awesome!! I don't know about you but I am eyeing Glitter Goblin, Make A Spectacle (which looks suspiciously like Luxe and Lush from Colors from the Capitol) and Cast A Spell. Immortal looks pretty interesting too... I wonder how it will actually look like. Hmm...

Phew! That was quite a lot of lacquers to feast our eyes on! Are you drooling yet?

Which ones are you eyeing? Let us know in the comments below! :D



  1. I live for posts like this. Thanks for making my day. Really looking forward to the ChG Duos!

  2. So looking forward to the China Glaze duochromes and Orly's Dark Shadows collection! They look amazing!

  3. Definitely buying Zoya's Shelby (how could I not?) and Arizona (my home state).  Might splurge on the entire Orly collection just because it reminds me of my childhood, and the entire frickin ChG Bohemian collection because ohmygawdduochromes!  I'll get the Peridot dupe from the Spidey collection only because it comes out before the Bohemian collection, lol.

  4. You're welcome, Megan! I love to be updated on upcoming collex too! :) 
    (I know I've said this way too many times but...) I love duochromes soooo much! lol!! 

  5. Me too! Duochromes and dark colors are right up my alley ;p

  6. Next target: Zoya Wednesday!! 

  7. And the zoyas are such pretty shades too! 
    Love your 'ohmygawdduochromes'! My thoughts precisely <3
    I think I may just wait for Bohemian - just in case I want to make a whole collection ;p

  8. It's so pretty right?! 
    Now, I can't decide whether I want Bevin more or Wednesday. I already have CG For Audrey and it looks similar to Wednesday... maybe I will just stick to getting Bevin... lol!

  9. I like For Audrey too, but I didn't get that. I am planning to get both Bevin and Wednesday in my next Zoya order. Ah.. It's going to burn a big hole in my pocket... lol

  10. lol! I know right! But for the love of lacquer.... *le sigh* ;p

  11. Orly and the new China Glaze collections looks really interesting.

  12. I find that China Glaze's promo pics never fail to get me excited ^_^
    I'm still slowly warming up to Orly but the Dark Shadows collections looks really good too! ;)

  13. Thanks for sharing! The CG ones look great to me.

  14. My pleasure~ Glad you love the CGs too! :D

  15. I am droolin over the China Glaze Duochromes as well as The OPI Minnies!!

  16. The duochromes looks really awesome right? ;) The Minnie collection is really adorable too! <3

  17. China Glaze, Orly Feel The Vibe and Essie are what I'm looking forward to!

  18. Whew! Awesome post. I didn't even know half of these were coming out! I'm gonna link to it on my bloggie! =) Hope you don't mind. 

  19. I see you really like bright colors! They are so happy and perfect for summer! :D

  20. Of course I wouldn't mind at all! Thank you Kaki! <3

  21. Enough to keep us happy until June at least! :D