Guest Post: Zoya Jem + China Glaze Fairy Dust

Good morning!

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Meanwhile, we'll leave you with another pretty mani by our friend, Cheryl. Enjoy~



Hello girlies!

I am back with my second guest post here! It’s really nice of Mich and Jayo to be so encouraging about my blog-writing even though I’m really inexperienced at this! Today, I would like to share with you girls one of my latest haul items – Zoya’s Jem from its 2011 Smokes and Mirrors Collection. Do pardon the slightly duller photos for this post though! My brother has taken our camera away with him for a camp and I had to resort to using our trusty old compact camera for this post.

Here is Zoya’s Jem, shown layered with China Glaze’s Fairy Dust. Jem is a dark purple polish that is loaded with lots of pretty shimmer. It gives off a really sophisticated vibe when worn on its own. But, to make things more interesting, I topped it off with a thin layer of Fairy Dust. This holographic top coat is really amazing and easily breathes new life into old manicures. I have pretty much been using this when I get tired of my nail colours, but have no time to change them completely. Applying Fairy Dust over Jem just makes my nails look like some part of the cosmic universe. It’s really gorgeous!

The photos here don’t do the polish justice though! It’s really difficult to accurately capture the glitters in photo. Therefore, I have included an out of focus shot in addition to the regular photos to give an idea of how truly beautiful the glitters are in real life! Hope you girls will enjoy these swatches!



  1. Ohmygawsh, I waaaaant it!

    And a note on the giveaway - I had a sidebar to it, but took it down when the giveaway ended.

  2. Cheryl makes me want Jem too lol!
    No worries, I will make a note of that. Thank you for participating in our giveaway! :)

  3. I'm in love with this combi too :D

  4. Super pretty!  I love tossing glitter on top of a mani to bring it back to life and Fairy Dust is beautiful here =D I'm on a Zoya kick since I got my polishes in the mail from their latest promo because their formula is soooo good.  Don't have Jem though...yet!

  5. Gaaa I wish we could have more zoya love here too lol! I've just 2 zoyas in my stash but definitely eyeing more now ;p

  6. Ohh.. Fairy Dust is so pretty. Mine is on the nail mail... kekekeke

  7. It's lovely. Fairy dust gives that extra that makes it spectacular. 

  8. It is! I love how it looks over... everything! lol! You must see it for yourself when you receive it! ;p