More Blog Awards!

Good morning everyone!

I hope you're having a great week so far! I'm almost chronically sleep deprived because of my assignments. @_@ I'm really sorry I am not able to find time for swatching, nail art or even just painting my nails! They have been bare since the weekends. It's truly a strange sensation indeed. I wouldn't have minded as much if they weren't this stained. Ah well... what to do?

That aside, we're happy and honored to receive more blog awards from the lovely Samantha at Asa Nisi Masa Nail Spot! Thank you Samantha!
If you haven't been following her blog, you should definitely pop over to have a look. She has some cute and interesting nail ideas too :)

Although we are not entirely sure about the origins of these awards, we thought that it would be fun to share a little bit about ourselves and know more about the other bloggers :)

The rules are:
  1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers. 
  2. Inform the bloggers of their nomination.
  3. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
  4. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your blog post.
Since we have already received the Versatile Blogger Award and shared seven random facts about ourselves previously, you can refer to them here.

The rules are:
  1. Link back to the person you got it from 
  2. Tell seven things about yourself
  3. Give the award to ten bloggers
Another seven things? Here we go:

  1. I don't like fast food (though if everyone decides to go there I won't starve myself), but I love KFC!! KFC breakfast is awesome, KFC Chicken is awesome, KFC coleslaw is awesome, KFC mashed potato is awesome.. *goes on-and-on*
  2. I cannot stand long hair. It never really got past the elbow, as far as I can recall.
  3. I like savoury food: spicy and salty. Have cravings for them every now and then. For today's dinner, I ate an entire raw chili padi and experienced temporary deafness and suffered a throbbing head (for about 15 minutes). Super shiok (definition)!!
  4. I believe that playing Draw Something will enable me to do better nail art =D
  5. I have 3 guitars and a flute! =D [looking for a reasonably priced keyboard, anyone?]
  6. I love Starbucks!! @_@ Dark Mocha anytime anyday.
  7. At a playground, I would gravitate towards the swings =D
  1. I have a weakness for dark-colored polishes.
  2. I'm always too lazy to paint my toes or change the nail color as often as I paint my fingernails. Although I can stare at my hands the whole day, it's a little strange to peer at my toes all the time right? =\
  3. I am guilty of neglecting hand care. I really ought to slather that hand cream and lemony flutter more often. *self slap*
  4. Since this nail hobby of mine is relatively new, I'm still busy playing catch up with the older collections. Hate that I've missed out on so much!
  5. I've just recently chopped of my beautiful long hair and yes, I'm regretting it :(
  6. I really like reading manga (Japanese comics). I used to get my manga fix from my friend's collection but I've stopped reading them after we went into different faculties for uni. I could read them online but I prefer to have the book in my hand!
  7. I'm a Hunger Games fan! Who's with me? :D Can't wait for the movie!!

The rules are:
  1. Link back to the person who gave you the award
  2. Answer the following questions
  3. Award to other bloggers and let them know
Here are the questions and our answers:

What is your favorite song?
jayo: I have too many to name!! If you ask me, favourite song of the day, then.. It Girl, by Jason Derulo ;) oh oh oh ohoh oh ohoh oh oh~~ *whistles*
mich: This is tough... I don't have a favorite song per se. I listen to a range of songs - Chinese, English, pop, rap, ballad, etc. The songs I listen to will vary depending on my mood :)

What is your favorite dessert?

jayo: I'm not a big fan of sweet food, but I guess I could be dragged to eat ice cream of flavours that I have not tried before.
mich: hmmm... I love all sorts of food! But I suppose you can always tempt me with an oreo cheesecake! ;D

What is your favorite pet?
jayo: I wasn't allowed to keep pets (except guppies. Do they count?!) so I wouldn't know, but I would really love to have a kitten!! I love the way they go round and round your legs and press their heads against them. Absolutely love it!!
mich: I'm definitely a dog person. I've tried keeping rabbits, hamsters, fishes but the dogs have my heart. I had a puppy once but had to give her up to my uncle. I cried for days but school work was eating up my life and I couldn't selfishly cling onto her. I still miss the way she always curl up under my feet when I do my homework. :(

Black or White?
jayo: C'mon, they go well together. BOTH!
mich: Love them both! I like my clothes black and my other accessories (like phone, headphones) tend to be white.

What is your biggest fear?
jayo: I used to think I'm quite fearless and love to try everything there is. Just discovered that I'm extremely afraid of teeth extraction. Had to extract one tiny wisdom tooth (without surgery) and I was visibly shaking from head to toe. My hands could not hold the X-ray film that the dentist passed to me and I had trouble getting onto the seat after the X-ray. Embarrassing!!
mich: I'm a huge scaredy cat. I'm terribly afraid of the supernatural, insects, heights, etc. But I guess the one that really gets to me more often is my fear of insects and other creepy crawlies since they are almost always flying around. You should see me run when I see them near me. I think I might just break the record for sprinting. *shrugs*

What is your best feature?
jayo: I'd like to think I'm trustworthy, because I kinda expect that of others as well. So, as the saying goes, do unto others as you would have them do to you?
mich: Hmmm... I like to think I am humorous? =\ Well, at least I like to try and make the people around me smile whenever I can :)

What is your everyday attitude?
jayo: Happy until something goes wrong hahaha.
mich: I think this pretty much sums up how I feel everyday, at least on the weekdays ;p

It used to be my iPhone wallpaper! ;D

What is perfection?
jayo: Something that you can aim for but often not achieve. If you think you have achieved it, you are, more often than not, wrong.
mich: Knowing that that is the best that you can offer

What is your guilty pleasure?
jayo: Spend the whole day cooking and preparing meals. OMG.
mich: "is" - only one?! I have sooo many guilty pleasures! Eating, lazing around, watching dramas, etc. So yea, shoot me! ;)

And now... for the blogger nominations! *note to self: remember to let them know*
Here are some blogs that I stalk love at the moment (in alphabetical order):

Anutka @ Wacky Laki
Elsa @ Like A Candy Shop
Kelsie @ Kelsie's Nail Files
Maria @ Nails Made Simple
Marisa @ Polish Obsession
Pauline @ omgnoodles
Rachel @ Top Coat It
Sandra @ My World
Xun-Lin & Magdelene @ Legally Nailed
Yvonne @ The Broad Stroke

There are many other blogs that we enjoy but we will have to save them for another day! We are considering having a blogpost round up every week but I think that will have to wait until we finish our assignments. :(

Meanwhile, stay polished and happy!

mich & jayo


  1. Thanks so much for the tag!! This was a fun read ;0).

    Jayo, I see you really love KFC, lol!!  I love their biscuits.  So yummy!!  Oh and the tooth extraction, that's a perfectly normal fear.  They're removing something from your body.  Quite painful might I add.  Ouch!

    Mich, you are funny.  I love your everyday attitude.  I think many of us feel that way.  Oreo cheesecake, mmmmm.... Never tasted it, but it sounds like heaven.  I had a visual of you running from critters.  Quite funny.  I don't like them either.

  2. ooh we don't have biscuits over here!! =(( sad. we have egg tarts though. and i just love everything they have >_< *sinful pleasures* 

    oh and dentist says i gotta remove another two teeth soon. GOSH. save me.


  3. Oh no!!!  I feel your pain :(.  It'll turn out fine.  

    Egg tarts sound yummy.  I hope you get to taste the biscuits one day.  They're really good.

  4. You're welcome~ Look forward to reading your answers! ;D

    I'm a huge lover of cheese (and chocolate, basically everything I'm not supposed to eat)! So I will definitely recommend you to try the cheesecake! 


  5. i know im years late but thanks for the awards! so nice of you to think of me :) i will post them soon! xoxo