Tony Moly: GS09 Shooting Star

Good morning!

Today I have for you the second glitter polish that I've hauled from Tony Moly: Shooting Star!

Shooting Star is a milky lavender polish filled with a handful of colorful large and small glitters - blue, red, green, gold and silver.

The glitter colors reminded me of Deborah Lippmann's Candy Shop. Of course, this is nowhere near a dupe for that. It is just her purple cousin with significantly less glitter. Personally, I prefer Shooting Star because I'm a more purple person - ok, not really Barney purple, but you know what I mean. Candy Shop is also a little overwhelming - too much glitter for my little eyes to handle. Shooting Star has less glitter but still retains the fun glitter colors. Really pretty and sweet - perfect for me!

All pictures are shown with 2 coats of Shooting Star layered over 2 coats of my franken, Spring Kisses.
The following pictures are more color accurate than the one above - maybe it's time I learn how to color correct my pictures :(

Application was pretty good - just like that for Milky Way. For this, I had to push the glitters around a bit for a more even distribution.

I also find that it is easier to pick up the glitters from the bottle if you were to scrap the brush clean by the bottle neck before dipping it in again. I'm not entirely sure if it works for all glitter polishes but it seems to work for me when I tried it. Yvonne from The Broad Stroke has also suggested inverting the bottles while you prep your nail and do the base coat. I've yet to try that but it does sound like a good idea to loosen those glitters from the bottom of the bottle!

To avoid getting a gloopy mess on your nails, scrap one side of the brush by the bottle neck before application. That way, you should be able to get a reasonable amount of polish without sacrificing all of the glitters on the brush.

So what do you think of Shooting Star? Yay or nay?

Also, I've received a lot of comments in my last post asking where I got my Tony Moly polishes.

Just in case you are still wondering, I usually buy mine from this seller on GMarket (Singapore).
The prices (inclusive of shipping) are really quite reasonable. I suspect they are cheaper than the prices at the official outlet in Singapore but I haven't checked if they are available at the official outlet myself.
However, some of the reviews have complained about broken bottles because of the poor wrapping. Although I have been lucky so far, I have to admit that the wrapping is not top-notch. They will bundle about three or four bottles of polish in a clear plastic before wrapping the set with a thin layer of bubble wrap. I think it is safer to buy either just one polish - one bubble wrap to itself - or a lot more polishes because they will be packed in a small box, which may have prevented my bottles from breaking.
Unfortunately, they only ship to these countries: Singapore, South Korea, Indonesia, Japan and Malaysia. Yup, so sorry, my international peeps, I am not sure if they are available else where.

Good news!
Katie from Lost Girl's Notes has managed to find this trio on Gmarket (Korea). International shipping is available and you can check the fee schedule here. I don't understand the product description (it's in Korean) but you should be able to do the checkout using the product code as the option fields are in English. I have not purchased from this seller before so I cannot vouch for their delivery.

One of the readers, memaiday, has also suggested getting them from The Cutest Makeup at a cheaper rate.

Lacey from Lace & Lacquers has managed to convince this seller from ebay to list these polishes on their store! You can find the listings here.
One of the readers, R Bradley, has also gotten some Tony Moly from ebay here. They were nice enough to pack some samples along too! :)

Alternatively, you can also check your local Tony Moly stores if you have one.
If you want, we are also open to swaps :)

If you do know where else to get Tony Moly polishes, please share with us in the comments! We will really appreciate it <3

Meanwhile, stay tuned tomorrow for the last glitter from my Tony Moly haul! :D



  1. This is such a lovely polish!  I agree that the less dense glitter in these is prettier than the glitter bomb of Candy Shop (I've actually been thinking of "watering" my CS down with some clear just to lighten the glitter load!).  Thanks for the swatch, looking forward to the 3rd installment!  :)

  2. Oh my gosh, I love this so much! Love the purple, love the glitter. 

  3. Ahhh, no, telling me where to buy them is a bad idea!  They're so pretty, I like this one more in swatches than I expected.  And your franken is really pretty!  Maybe that's what I'll do, I'll make myself a franken!

  4. This colour is sooo soothing to look at! It looks pretty and dainty on you! ;)

  5. So pretty! Is it very sheer on its own? And thanks for the tip on how to get TonyMoly (: 

  6. Glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks this way ;D 

  7. Me too! It's so pretty and fun at the same time :D

  8. Hahahaha oops! ;p 
    You're such a great frankener, I'm sure you will be able to come up with something similar or even more awesome!! 

  9. Thank you Cheryl! <3 
    I really like how it turned out! Had been a little worried that it would be too much of a glitter bomb so I'm glad the glitter and the base color is pretty balanced :)

  10. No problems~ Yup! The formula looks pretty sheer so I went ahead to layer it without trying to build up opacity. Not sure how many coats it will take though =\

  11. It's really pretty! Too bad they don't sell it on ebay or something... gmarket singapore doesn't ship to australia and gmarket korea's shipping prices are not crazily high. ):

    Your swatches are great though and its a really pretty polish! Hopefully I can get my hands on it someday! 

  12. It's such a pity that international shipping is so high :( Hope you will be able to find these with a lower shipping cost soon! 

  13. I'm Absolutely in love with it! It is so close to DL Candy Shop. Can't wait for you to swatch the peach one:) 
    I had a hard time understanding what's going on on Gmarket, but luckily every item has GS number or something similar, so you can understand what you buy:)Shipping on these beauties is pretty expensive, but they are cheap, so ultimately it comes to around 8$ per 1 item that I think is a reasonable price. This is the price that eBay sells TonyMoly for:)

  14. I'm glad you liked this one too! :D
    I totally know what you mean about Gmarket. Took me a while before I learnt how to navigate the site. *_*
    Ahh.. it's good that the polishes don't cost so much then. Otherwise, it may just be a little too expensive for a 10ml bottle =\

  15. I read this post and immediately ordered it!!! :D

  16. This is my favorite one.  It's so beautiful!!!

  17. The more I look at the swatches, the more I love this one too! <3

  18. I just wanted to let whoever is looking for these I convinced a seller on eBay to list them on there after buying from them! :]

  19. Thank you so much for sharing with us Lacey!! <3

  20. I got my Milky Way and Shooting Star from HSC Imports on eBay ( She even included some free samples AND it got to me way sooner than I expected. Awesome!

  21. Ohh that's great! Thank you for sharing with us! :D

  22. WOW! I love this naip polishes :)