Holy Haul!

Good morning!!

I'm just popping by for a quick haul post! I know I am a really bad blogger for not posting a single swatch for the whole week but the assignment deadlines are really tight. I have another assignment due tomorrow morning and another one due a week later! I probably sound repetitive but trust me, I'm really sick of assignments too. boo :(

So here's what I've received this week!

Let's have some close-ups, shall we?

More pretty lynnderellas!
These were actually bought quite a long time ago but I've only received it from my friend recently. Gotta love them all!!

P.S. The Glitter Tamer isn't supposed to be this blue... I guess I just got a special bottle! lol!

My picks from the China Glaze Colors from the Capitol collection! *does a little fan girl jiggle*
From left: Stone Cold, Smoke and Ashes, Fast Track and Riveting
I had wanted to get other colors such as Harvest Moon and Agro but decided against it since I hardly wear metallics. The same goes for bright orange polishes *cough*Riveting*cough* but it just screams Girl on Fire! You know what I mean right?! There was no way I could pass it up!

These are the other random buys of the month.
From left: Orly Au Champagne and Zoya Skylar
Dang! I realized I had forgotten to take a picture of Misa Grey Matters! Susan had kindly helped us grab some polishes from the BeautyAsia fair in February (Thank you Susan!). Skylar and Grey Matters were the polishes I got. There were many more on my shopping list but, unfortunately, they weren't available at the fair :(

Phew, that was quite a lot of polishes that I've gotten this week!
Can't wait to try them on after I finish this assignment!! Which ones should I try first? :D



  1. Rock on! this is a serious haul. I'd like to see Zoya Skylar when you have time! But any of the polishes would be awesome!

  2. !! Love the China Glazes! Can't wait to see your posts about these gorgeous polishes :) 

  3. I know right?! I was so happy to get them - all in one day! :D
    I can't wait to try Skylar too - it was the first to catch my eye!

  4. I love them too - all shimmery goodness! Got them just in time before the Hunger Games movie ;p

  5. so lovely polishes!!!!
    Miss Starshiny

  6. Oh yes they are! I'm so happy with my haul ^_^

  7. The glittering crowd please!! :)

  8. Please try fast track! I saw on other blogs that Riveting looks good mattified too. More blog posts please chan - I miss your writing! ;)

  9. Alrighty! Will remember to swatch that soon! ;)

  10. Okies dokes! I miss blogging too!! Hate assignments. Haish.
    I don't have a matte top coat -slaps self for not getting it.

  11. I can lend you mine! Just got Essie's matte top coat! ;)

  12. ah see, serves you right for not getting it. told you matte is awesome and you're like all 'meh. you have bad/weird taste' >:( #infighting

    - jayo

  13. Thank you, Cheryl Yang !

    @jayo, fine fine. my bad!! -.-