a-england: Bridal Veil

Hello polished pretties!

I know I had promised to try more nail art but I was feeling strangely uninspired this weekend. Ok, not really uninspired but I couldn't put my idea down onto my nails. I guess it had partly to do with my new nubbins - yes, I accidentally over filed them again :( It just doesn't feel like I have much room to try my nail ideas.

Anyway, since they are now nice and short, I've decided to try this bottle of black beauty that Cheryl kindly lent me after she knew I was lemming some of the polishes from the new a-england collection (damn my self-imposed no-buy).

And without further ado, I give you... Bridal Veil!

Bridal Veil is any black lover's dream. It's an incredibly rich black accentuated by a subtle holographic shimmer that gives the black a dusty, lit-from-within look. It doesn't sound possible for a black polish but the glow is there where the light hits the nails. Super gorgeous! I only wished that the sun was out when I was taking these pictures :(

And just because it's so breathtakingly beautiful:

As with all other a-england polishes, the formula was divine - buttery smooth one-coater. It dries to a shiny finish (all pictures are shown without topcoat) but I added top coat thereafter just to protect this precious color on my nails. Yes, I do intend to keep this black beauty on my nails for a while more ;p

Thank you, Adina, for making me fall in love all over again <3

What do you think of Bridal Veil? Do you have any other colors from The Legend?



  1. Oh.. This color is so gorgeous. I love this and Lady of the Lake. Maybe I should get 1 for myself too :D

  2. It is really pretty, right? My new favorite black! The formula is good too! I highly recommend it ;p

  3. This looks soooo good on you! :D I think I'm just not suited for black nails because Bridal Veil definitely didn't look anyway near that on me! )):

  4. Nahh.. Maybe you are just too used to seeing dark-colored polishes on me ;p

  5. This is stunning on you!!!  I have yet to make a purchase from The Legend collection.  Hopefully soon though!

  6. Glad you do! It's so awesome! <3

  7. yesss!! I couldn't stop looking at my nails! Love the speckled look in the shade too!

  8. Thank you, Marisa! :D I have quite a few other polishes that I'm eyeing from the Legend too! They are so pretty - especially the dark-colored holographic ones ;)