China Glaze: Ruby Pumps (and some random Hunger Games nail art)

Happy April Fool's Day!!!

Believe me, I've tried really hard to think of a joke but my humor seemed to have taken the day off to celebrate. Great timing, really. To prove that I do indeed have a wee sense of humor and some literary "talent", I'll leave you with a poem I've recently written: *clears throat*
Doomsday is coming
My cuticles are peeling
My hair is dropping
I am dying
#truestory - I composed this 'poem' while I was on the verge of chewing my nails and tearing my hair out over my school assignments. 

Hope you've enjoyed my literary masterpiece! ;p

I should also sneak in a hunger games mani that I've tried yesterday... I wasn't entirely satisfied with it so I shall not bother giving it a post by itself.

In the 9gag fashion...

What I thought I was painting:
This is my current desktop wallpaper!
And what I ended up painting:

That's quite off right? :( Please say you could tell it's a mockingjay pin!
And I really ought to at least buy the three primary colors for nail art purposes. I can't even do a proper fire for the rest of the nails because I don't have a single yellow polish in my stash. :(

Anyway, before I go and think up a prank for my sister *evil laughter*, here's another post from the lovely Cheryl. She's been on a roll lately! I'll just leave you in safe hands and pretty nails ;)



It seems like the writing bug has bitten me recently! I have been itching to write a new post after going through a particularly stressful few weeks at school. So, after surviving a nail-biting lesson where I was tasked to answer questions related to our reading materials, I decided to unwind a little by blogging about my current nail color – China Glaze’s Ruby Pumps.

Ruby Pumps is really a gorgeous fiery red that is loaded with specks of red glitter. I usually am rather selective of my red polishes as some of them tend to look very harsh against my skin tone, but Ruby Pumps definitely ranks at the top of my go-to list of red polishes right now! Indoors, it looks like a more muted red. But, when the light hits it just right, it simply looks mesmerizing. I couldn’t stop admiring my nails even after having this on for more than a week!

The formula for Ruby Pumps is good and applied easily. Two coats were used for all these pictures. The glitters were also very smooth and not gritty at all.  But, adding one layer of topcoat really helped in intensifying the fieriness of the red glitters!

What do you think of Ruby Pumps? Now, I can really understand why this is ranked as one of the all time favorite China Glaze colours. If you haven’t got a bottle yet, do consider getting one to try it out for yourself! I am sure you won’t regret this purchase one bit!



  1. I could tell it was the mockingjay pin :)

  2. hmm.. it's the mockingjay pin, isn't that obvious? lol...

  3. lol! It actually looked a little indistinct IRL.. the shine from the top coat hid the blob of gold mess =x shhh.. don't tell! ;p

  4. I have ruby pumps and it is one of my favorite colors! Last year in summer this stayed on my toe nails perfectly for 3 weeks!!! - so forget about gel nailpolish when you have this! lol.

    I am a blogger too, but I don´t know if it is ok to leave my link... just search for beautyfromliz and you should find it :D 

  5. Three weeks?!?! That's a really awesome staying power! D:

    Managed to find your blog through Disqus. Looks really neat ;)

  6. I think Ruby Pumps is one of my favourite polishes EVER. 

  7. Definitely one of the best reds I've seen! ;)

  8. Ruby pumps is one of my favourite reds!

  9. I can see why! ;P It's really gorgeous!

  10. april fools is also my birthday:)

  11. Oh! Happy birthday!! Have a doubly awesome day! :D

  12. thanks so much:) thank you for all of your awesome blog posts! your blog is amazing, i would love to have you come check out my makeup and nail polish blog!

  13. Glad you've enjoyed our posts! Will definitely drop by your blog! :)

  14. Mich, I love your mani!! So flawless.  I love Ruby Pumps Cheryl.  It's such a gorgeous polish!