12 Days of Christmas: Day 4 - Snowflakes!

You know how it is: there will be no fluffy snow without... SNOWFLAKES! :D

For this mani, I painted a coat of black and randomly sponged Zoya Kotori over the nails for the night sky effect. Then I sponged the tips white for some snow and added a snowflake on the accent nail before decorating that with a hex glitter.

Honestly, I nearly gave up on this mani because it was so hard to paint the snowflake with a toothpick and a clumsy hand. I drew tonnes of snowflakes before I settled for this. I would have continued practising if my nails were not protesting from the constant removal each time I was not happy with my drawing. Ah wells. 

And just for some extra sparkles, I topped the mani off with a coat of fairy dust:

Polishes used:
Clatty - #94 (black)
Zoya - Kotori
Clatty - #92 (white)
Luci Darling - Spangled Silver Diamond (for the glitter piece)
China Glaze - Fairy Dust (I know I'm a little slow but OMG! Fairy Dust has been discontinued?!)

So.. what do you think of this design? :)



  1. So lovely! The snowflake was great with the glitter in the middle. And the fairy dust looked so much like falling snow! Gonna try to replicate that. I hope it doesn't go too awry.. =x

  2. Thank you! Have fun with doing your nails! I'm sure they will turn out great :)