Tutorial: Water Decal!

Hi y'all!!!

Everyone has heard of car decal right? Those that you stick on your car window and distract the others passing by, or entertain others when all of you are stuck in a jam. Sometimes lame, most of the time tongue-in-cheek, and always cliche. Hahaha. I would wanna have some on my future car though!

Anyway, today is our first tutorial on How to Use a Nail Decal! We got this decal of a troll punk vs a troll princess from Mei Mei Signatures! At first glance/touch, the decal seems like those NDP (National Day Parade) stickers, which is the whole tattoo idea. Like thus:

Source: berrybliss

So you are tempted to do this:

No!! Please do not do the above, as it will turn out like this:

You get the back of the picture instead of the front. The ring finger is done the right way though, in case you are wondering why it does not look like the wrong side.

I have seen how others do water decals, and I must say it really is not necessary to use tweezers. It is also not necessary to peel the paper away from the plastic, which could prove to be a hassle at times. I will let the pictures tell the story of my fool-proof way to use nail decals =)

Here's what you need: 

A towel, some water in whatever container you wish (preferably easy to take the decals out with your fingers/tweezers), scissors, and decals of your choice.

Snip out the desired character...

Put them into the water...

The paper part of the snipped out decal will sink, leaving the character on the plastic floating at the surface of the water. At this point, you can easily pick them out of the water, using your fingers, or tweezers (if you wish).

Here is what it looks like on the other side (facing the bottom of the container). Try to dry this side by lightly tapping it on the towel. This will help the decal stick better and faster to your nail.

Paste it onto your nail in the position and orientation you desire. Gently press it against your nail. The plastic should slip off with a gentle push. Do everything gently!!

TADAA! One down!

No harm doing a few at the same time too!

There you go! 

*story mode* 
In the flowery garden full of floating balloons, the troll asked the troll princess out (oops the flower that the troll was holding cannot be seen thanks to reflection). 
The princess said: "No!"

And this was the expression on the troll's face. 
*end story mode*

Ah... Failed attempt at story-telling but the point is, this method is super easy and you can be done with one hand within a few minutes! Gently dry the nails with the towel and you are ready to layer your decal-ed nails or simply put on a top coat, and you are all set! =D Simple aye? 

Leave us a comment if you have even better and fuss-free methods to do nail decals!



  1. Thank you SO MUCH for this tutorial, it was incredibly helpful! I thought that you just put these on like tatoos, but I was wrong =)

  2. no problem! Glad it helped you! ^_^

  3. so cute!!! now i wanna try some and blog about em lol thanks for the lovely tutorial!

  4. hehe. yea cute right? there are so many decals to experiment with! will watch out for your blog post! :D