Fuso: #56

Good morning!

Today I have with me a polish that I spotted at the stores while I was doing some Christmas shopping a few days ago.

Just have a look at the polish in the bottle! When I saw it in the store, I nearly shrieked! It looked like a possible dupe for Rescue Beauty Lounge's Black Russian! The best part? It costs only SGD 2.90. I very nearly missed this bottle because looked like an ordinary black creme. I was so glad I picked it up for a closer look!

Unfortunately, it is not a Black Russian dupe :(
But it's still very pretty...

It is a blood-red jelly with bright red (and some pink) micro-glitter. It is definitely red and took me four coats to get this almost-black look. The micro-glitter is really tiny but incredibly bright - it glows when it catches the light! Super gorgeous!

Since it was rather sheer, I tried layering it over black and *bam*

Does it look more like Black Russian now? I can't judge from the Black Russian swatches online but it seems to be similar! :D

I really love it over black. It is even more gorgeous! The red glowy glitter really stands out against the black background especially under the light.
Here's a brief comparison:

index and ring: fuso #56 over black
middle and pinky: fuso #56 (4 coats)
I am not familiar with this polish brand but I don't have much complaints about the formula. It was rather smooth and easy to apply. The color also builds up nicely and evenly. Although it's a jelly, it doesn't dry smooth and shiny so a top coat is a must. Needless to say, it didn't last me very long - there was some tipwear on the second day but no chips.

My major gripe? It really stinks - literally! It must be the worst smelling polish I have in my stash. I found myself holding my breath while painting my nails! I'm not too sure what's inside the bottle but this is what they wrote on the bottle: Nitrocellulose, Butyl Acetate, Toulene, Ethyl Acetate, Colour. Nothing too poisonous I hope!

In any case, I'm glad I picked this up from the shelves that day. I am kind of kicking myself for not getting these other two beauties too:

Don't they look gorgeous in the bottle?! I shall look out for them the next time I drop by the store again. *pinky promise*

What do you think of this color? Is the layering close to Black Russian?



  1. In love with this polish great fine! Love the glitters too!

  2. I don't have Black Russian, so I can't say whether or not it's a dupe. But I can definitely say it's a gorgeous polish!!! Too bad it stinks :-/. Those glitters look great! I hope you find them when you go back.

  3. Wow what a fantastic color! I've never seen this brand before.

  4. @dana: yup me too!

    @marisa: me too I hope the glitters are still there! :)

    @Amy: it looks great doesn't it? :) I have never heard of this brand before either. Don't think it's really big / popular like the others.

  5. That's such a stunning polish! LOVE the red glitter <3.

  6. Me too! It's so glowy and pretty ~ <3

  7. Where did you get them?:)
    so pretty!

  8. Found them at Chameleon @ Jurong Point! :D

  9. Toluene is the stinky one - its fumes are neurotoxic. If you use it, don't do it near your face (leaning in for precision) and don't whiff the bottle. Definitely put it away if you feel it affecting you.

  10. Ahh... I see. It must have contained a lot more toulene than Seche Vite then! Even Seche Vite smells relatively good next to this. ><

  11. hello, i really love that colour but i dont understand the combination of the colours you used. You mention that you used no56 over black, but when i looked it up in the site of fuso i found out that no 56 is the black. what am i missing?:-)