Nail Polish Jewelry!

Ok, this post is loooooong overdue but better late than never right? After all, good things are worth the wait! :)

A few weeks ago, I finally caved in and bought some jewelry from Tracey at Ginger Kitty Designs after I saw some of her jewelries on other nail blogs.

If you haven't heard of GKD before, Tracey sells customized jewelry with your favorite nail polish colors in almost any way you want it - plain, marbled, shattered/cracked, etc.

Initially, I had thought to buy only a Starry Starry Night ring because I really wanted SSN so badly but can't seem to find it anywhere without having to pay a cut-throat price. So, having it on a ring seems to be the best compromise.

Anyway, I ended up leaving the store with not one, but four beauties! I couldn't help it!

The Essie Starry Starry Night ring:

LOVE LOVE LOVE! The ring seems to add more depth to the polish and enhances the night sky effect. What else can I say? LOVE!!!!!

And as I was browsing the store, this Liquid Euphoria Bliss ring caught my eye:

It's drop dead GORGEOUS! I couldn't stop moving my hand around to watch the color shift! I still can't believe I didn't know about this polish before this! Which brings me to... why are all the awesome polishes discontinued!? -tears hair out

And it is definitely not just me who's mesmerized by it. I wore it out that day and the counter staff at one of the stores couldn't keep her eyes off the ring! I nearly sniggered when she had to ask me to repeat my question because she was too distracted by the ring. :p

And because it was my mum's birthday, I also bought these for her (she loves blue!):

CND Teardrop necklace
SayAnythingBr00ke Ring
I spotted the SayAnythingBr00ke ring while I was browsing through the reviews and asked Tracey about it. She was absolutely kind to relist it on etsy for me. <3

And that's not all, she also included a gift in my package:

Ahhh... isn't this gorgeous? Tracey, you're an angel!

I would have bought Clarins 230 bracelet and many many many other polish jewelries in a heartbeat if I could. They are all so pretty! But in the meantime, I will have to stick to my official no-buy. I've simply spent too much this month! ><

What do you think of my jewelry haul? Are you tempted to get some gingerkittydesign pieces now?