12 Days of Christmas: Day 5 - Christmas Tree!

5 days into this challenge, I'm really feeling the Christmas cheer :D I can't wait for christmas to come!!

Today's mani: the all-time classic christmas must-have - christmas tree!

Sorry for a snowy christmas tree. I can't seem to get enough of snow! I suppose that's because we don't ever get to see snow in Singapore. I love snow so much I've once dreamt it actually snowed in Singapore. Ok... I digressed.

Although the tree is technically the star of today, I am really really in love with the base colour. It's soft, pink with silver glitter of various sizes... and it's not Revlon's Starry Pink!

To get this look, I started with two coats of Who Needs A Prince and added a layer of silver glitter (Luci Darling - Spangled Silver Diamond) before topping it with yet another coat of Who Needs A Prince. You can see the red shimmer running through the polish if you look closely enough.

To see why I rave about the layering, here's a picture before I sandwiched the glitter:

The glitter looks a tad too stark for it to be snowy but it took just a layer of WNAP to transform it into something muted and soft:

Isn't it pretty? :)

Polishes used:
OPI - Who Needs A Prince
Luci Darling - Spangled Silver Diamond
OPI - Cuckoo For This Color
Clatty - #92 (white for the random snow on the tree)
Luci Darling - Spangled Ruby Purple (for the star glitter)



  1. I love this so much! I'm trying it out now :)
    I'll post photos on my blog tomorrow, although I'm sure they won't look anywhere near as good as yours :(


  2. Thank you Hannah! I can't wait to see this mani on your nails :) I'm sure it will look fabulous on you!