12 Days of Christmas: Day 6 - Reindeer!

Happy sunday morning everyone! :D

I'm especially hyped up today because I'm already halfway into this challenge! I'm really enjoying myself doing all these christmas mani-s. Granted, there are times I wanted to stab my nails with the toothpick in frustration but the sense of satisfaction after finishing each design is overwhelming. It doesn't hurt when my sister likes my designs too! And that is saying a lot because we don't usually see eye-to-eye!

Ok... on to today's design: reindeer!

This design was inspired by one of the first christmas card I received this year - thank you MeiMei! <3

Ok. My reindeer is not nearly half as cute as the one on the card but it is still a decent reindeer I think :D

And, yes, in case you are wondering, this is the design that made me want to stab myself. I drew, with my toothpick, at least four reindeers (one on each nail) for practice before I managed to get this one right. And so, I thought to replicate it on my ring finger, my preferred accent nail. But, argh, I can't seem to get the drawing right again! In the end, I gave up and settled for having the reindeer on my middle finger instead.

Having said that, I was very happy with how the mani turned out.

The red and white went well together, don't they? The red looks so squishy and the snowflakes-cum-polka-dots really add some girlish charm to it <3

Polishes used:
Megan Miller - Roja
Clatty - #92 (white)

So, what do you think of this mani? :)