Nail Ideas: Crouching Cheetah, Lurking Leopard

Good morning ladies~

Today I've decided to show you my first attempt at animal prints!

The minute I laid my hands on Blaze's Lemon Zest to Mango Chile, I knew it was perfect for a leopard mani - yellow and orange!

I used a korean nail art pen for the spots. Since I couldn't find a bright silver polish, I had to settle for a gunmetal silver for the center of the spots. Finally I topped off the mani with one coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust for that extra sparkle before sealing it with a topcoat. After all, this mani is meant to be worn out in the sun! :)

Here's a blurred picture to show the holo glitter:

Please excuse the bubbling. I should have been more patient to wait for the polish to dry! ><

Hmm... I really ought to use brighter colors for the colored spots in the future. It's hard to see it from afar.
And yes, that's the reason why I decided to call this "crouching cheetah, lurking leopard" (just like the movie - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon)!
Apparently, the spotting pattern on leopards are more complex (says this article). So I suppose my mani is a cross between a cheetah and a leopard...

Cheetah (left) and Leopard (right)
So... what do you think of my first attempt? :)

Products used for this mani:
Blaze: Lemon Zest to Mango Chile
Rubi Shoes: Gunmetal*
Two-way korean nail art pen - dark blue / navy
China Glaze: Fairy Dust*

*Products marked with an asterisks are bought by me.
Both Blaze and the two-way korean nail art pens are available at Mei Mei's Signatures.



  1. So pretty! I love the sparkles you added, love the bling =)

  2. Thank you Jacqui! I love the sparkles too! Super pretty especially under the sun! :D

  3. Ok, this is super fun! I really like it, it's got style, and I LOVE the color change! I need to get some of those polishes one of these days!

  4. Oh yes, these color changing polishes are really fun to play with! If I'm not wrong, there is one that changes from clear to pink or red. Sounds like invisible ink to me ;p

  5. That is a gorgeous color combination, just beautiful!

  6. Thank you! Glad you like it too! :D

  7. very pretty nails!!! I will be coming back often to see what you have thought of next...

  8. Thank you!! Glad you liked it! ^_^