Nail Ideas: Glittery Hearts

And now, for some nail art time!!

This is using Nail Star Two-Way Nail Art Pen & Brush, which is easy to use and handle. You can either use the super slim brush or the metal tip (like 'liquid paper' or correction fluid tip which you squeeze the white stuff out of - so we all should be pretty seasoned users hahaha). You don't even have to use any dotting tools, which I find quite a hassle and unnecessary once you get reasonably skillful with the brush and when you know your polish formulae well enough (how thick it is, how much you have to leave on the brush to get a certain size of dot you desire).

Anyway, here's a picture of it:

Can't really see the colour, can you? It is a glittery purplish-pink!

Here it is, on Orly Fantasea! Random design. Those are hearts, not ticks (no, not the bug)!

You can see the duochrome effect here!

Under white light.

Still under white light. Here you can see the purple with rose-gold tips. I must say that I am not such a big fan of purple, but I am head-over-heels for the rose gold, so below is a final awesome picture of the rose-gold:

<3! So pretty right?! =D

I think that the purplish-pink looks better with the rose-gold than with purple, and it looks good with the pink that we are unable to capture. Nevertheless, this is one important learning point: duochromes are more difficult for nail art because there is the problem of matching both colours with the colour of the nail art! Colours like silver, like the one I used in an earlier post would be easier to match though, so it really depends! That's all for today! 

Till next time,


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