Essence: Hard to Resist

Here's another Essence color that I've picked up quite a while ago and I don't quite know what took me so long to wear it.

 Hard to Resist is a truly gorgeous shimmery deep blue that has that glow-in-the-center look that I'm such a sucker for. There is also a very subtle hint of purple at sides of the nails! <3

Beautiful, no? All pictures are shown with two coats although it is a potential one-coater. I used two to bring out the richness of the color.

The formula was smooth albeit a tad thick after being kept in the drawer for so long. I just wish that they had those tiny metal balls in the bottle so that it will be easier to mix up the polish. I shook the bottle until my face turned blue but it still looked like it needed more mixing. :|| Then again, for SGD2.80, there isn't much that I can complain about, right?

What do you think of this color?



  1. aww... your Essence posts make me wanna start a fanatic hunt of it.. lol  

  2. lol! Glad you liked the posts ;) I think this is second last of essence posts I have. One more coming up in the few days! ^_^

  3. I think you choose the same ones from Essence lol, this one is gorgeous too. If you haven't tried it yet check out  "Where is the party?". It's my favorite one, a beautiful duochrome

  4. I love this!!! I'm a sucker for the darker colours that have that light from within thing going on  :)

  5. Beautiful!  Their bottles are so small.

  6. Hard to Resist is right! If I saw this, I would've bought it also!

  7. Oh I did see that pretty duochrome on the shelves but didn't pick it up since I wasn't sure if the colors will look good on me. =\

  8. ikr?! I had a hard time holding it for the photographs too lol! 

  9. *hi-five* Glad you like it too! ^_^