Moarr Nail Polish Jewelry!

Gooooood morning, starshine! The earth says hellooooo!!

I'm back from the depths of hell!! :e Have you missed me? ;)
I've finally finished the last of my exams in law school and that means... freedom!!! At least until the results are released :f

Anyway, while I take a few days off to slack my arse off before I start watermarking my swatch photos, I shall show you this amazing little beauty that accompanied me throughout my exams:

The Galaxy Ring
Gorgeousssss, isn't it?! My eyes popped when I unveiled this from the packaging! My own little galaxy on a ring!! I absolutely love the color combination - blue and purple are my favorite colors! To top it all off, there are small holographic glitters that sparkle a billion colors under the sun! <3

Before you ask... nope, I didn't make this myself! I'm not that skilled yet. lol!

A few weeks ago, we were contacted by Mel from Posh Polish, a local blogshop selling nail polish jewelries, asking if we would like to review her jewelry. After checking out her shop, I must admit I was quite impressed with Posh Polish. Unlike most other sellers, Posh Polish releases new designs in collections - each with a specific theme such as "Polka Dot Madness", "Walk on the Wild Side" and "Somewhere over the Rainbow". Apart from offering polish colors, she also incorporates layerings and nail art in her works! That really caught my attention, so I agreed to a review.

If you remember, I had my first 'mini' nail polish jewelry haul a few months back and brought home a few rings made with some VHTF nail colors. This time, to make the review more interesting, I've decided to break out of my comfort zone and try my hand at customizing my own polish ring! I'm not sure about you but "customization" used to be pretty intimidating to me. >.< Although I paint my nails often, I'm absolutely clueless about what works best in jewelry making!

Thankfully, Mel was very patient and the whole process turned out to be much easier than I'd thought.
I told Mel my preference for a galaxy-inspired look and she made several helpful suggestions for me to choose from. You can just about imagine my relief when I didn't have to bother myself with the details! :P I also picked the oval cabochon since I thought it would look better on my stubby fingers. It wasn't long (like a day perhaps?) before Mel sent me a picture of this cabochon. It was definitely love at first sight! :L When Mel asked if I wanted to make any modifications, of course, I said no! She also volunteered to take a picture of the cabochon over different oval ring settings before attaching it so I could choose which look I preferred! *thumbs up for the excellent service! :tup * In the end, I stuck with the Aztec setting which, I thought, frames the cabochon very nicely! ^_^

All in all, it took about a week for my ring to make its way to my house!
It was very safely and snugly wrapped in layers of bubble wrap - hell yeah, I enjoyed popping those bubbles. 8) There was even a small wad of paper wedged in the ring to prevent it from scrunching up in case of rough handling by the mailman. Mel also provides a ziplock bag for you to keep the ring away from the moisture and humidity in the air. Really thoughtful!

I hope my review has helped ease some of your concerns about customization!
Even if you feel uninspired, you can always browse through the different collections that Posh Polish puts out every now and then! I'm pretty sure there will be a design or two that will catch your fancy ;)


*product was provided for honest review and did not influenced my opinion in any way. For more information, please see our disclosure policy*


  1. Pretty ring. And manicure, too. :D

    And, thanks soooo much for the ear worm. :P

  2. Thank you ^_^
    Oh and you're welcome ;)

  3. Thank you, Kim! Glad you like it too! ^_^