Oooff!! This past week has been pretty nail art intense, hasn't it? I've literally squeezed my brain juice dry working on nail art submissions. But I'm not complaining! It has definitely been fun! :P I have more nail art posts (and my last DL) to show you over the next few days but let's take a wee break and have some updates, shall we? I promise, you won't regret sitting through this. I have some wonderful treats for you at the end! ;)

A few Several days ago, jayo and I went for a wonderful sleepover with two of our friends, Cheryl and Cheryl (sorry I couldn't resist ;) ) before they fly off for their holiday trip! We had loads of fun playing WII (I came in last for all the games except for one - urgh) and mahjong. Of course, what would a sleepover be without some nail painting? I only wished we had more time to do more!
Tribal nails that I did for Cheryl
Stayover aside, I also did some serious shopping and hauling in the past few weeks! :$

First, I went on a polish shopping trip with Cheryl (Cherily). We went hunting for Essence at Orchard and popped by the temporary Smoochiezz store at Far East Plaza to grab some polishes on our wishlist. Unfortunately, the selection was rather limited so we didn't manage to haul as much as we'd wanted. We then headed off to Chinatown's PNC Traders to grab some nail supplies (finally got myself some pure acetone and glycerin to make my own remover!). We also looked around for some glass cabochon and ring settings to make some jewelry during our sleepover but we didn't manage to find any :( Instead, I found... L.A. Girls' Uninhibited!! Score!! :e
The polishes I hauled on the polish shopping trip!
Just a few days ago, I went shopping with my sister for her work clothes and I found some pretty interesting polishes too! (Sorry for the slightly blurry shots - I was sneakily taking pictures)
Some polishes from Bisque with pretty interesting glitters and colors - spotted at Chameleon @ Jurong Point
More polishes spotted in Robinsons @ Jurong Point
Anddd... I couldn't leave the mall empty-handed, could I?
During my visit to the orthodontist, I popped by Watsons to find...
The Circus Circus Trend Edition!!!
Woooohoooo~~ So the Essence people heard us after all!!
Unfortunately, most of the polishes have been cleared out already. As you can see, there's only the pink duo (Cotton Candy) left on the shelves in all the three outlets that I've checked. The two empty rows on the right probably had Applause Applause (the red) and My Sparkling Acrobat (gold glitter). Thankfully, Cherily had already helped me grabbed one of each before they were OOS. Strangely though, I don't see a slot for Don't Feed the Tiger. It was one of my lemmings from this collection (black square glitter - how could I not?)! :(
If any Essence people are reading this by chance... urm... would it be too much to ask for Don't Feed the Tiger? *flutters lashes* Oh and, the Vampire's Love Trend Edition? Pretty pleaseeeee? :L

I also spotted these Golden Rose magnetic polishes at the Watsons in Ngee Ann City. A pretty good and inexpensive alternative to the Nails Inc ones at Watsons if you ask me ;) You can check out some swatches here.

Of course, the month wouldn't be complete without some... nail mails!

My haul from the $5 sale! I should have gotten more, right?! *facepalm*
My very first RBL - Halcyon!
And some polishes I've won in Funky Frenchies' giveaway! You should definitely check out her blog if you haven't!
Phew! That was quite a haul post, right?
I really ought to be restraining myself and sticking to the no-buy...
Buuuut... there are so many promos going on right now!! *tears hair out*

First, with the Great Singapore Sales going on now, TimTam is giving a whooping 20% off all blog prices (except Blaze and Gelish)!
Yup, you heard me! OPI, China Glaze, Essie, Orly, Zoya and even Barielle are going at 20% off - including the new China Glaze On Safari Collection (yes, it's available here already)!
Now, tell me, how can I possibly resist that!? I'm already scrolling through swatches to finalise my list. >.<
Note: To qualify for the discount, please quote TPWGSS in the email header when you place your orders! ;) I think she ships international too!

To make matters worse (for my wallet) and better (for the polish addict in me)... EClectic Co. has managed to bring in ManGlaze to Singapore and Asia! The original, one and only matte nail shit!! *shrieks in excitement*
I have been lemming these since.... forever! I love the matte finish, colors AND the wicked cool packaging and names! And by 'cool', I mean super cool 8) I may be just a little childish but if someone comes up to me and ask "What's that interesting color you're wearing on your nails?", I would love to smirk and say "Fuck off & dye". I'm guessing the look on their faces would be simply priceless. :vD
Anyway, I digressed.
EClectic Co. has brought in all 13 shades of coolness with each retailing at S$22.50/bottle or at a promo rate of S$21.50/bottle for 3 bottles or more.
As a special treat for my readers, quote MGMICHC for an additional S$1 off each bottle! Yup, each of you can have as much as S$2 off each bottle!

Happy shopping!
Oh and you're most welcome ;)



  1. Wooo, that's quite some haul! :D Can't wait to see your swatches. And oh, the tribal nailart look awesome :D

    BTW, my Mom is going to Singapore in the next few days. She'll be visiting Orchard, so I was wondering if you can suggest shops where she can get some nail polish? I'd love to get my hands on Essence Circus collex :D

  2. Pretty polishes! I love the nail art you did for your friend, too.


  3. Thank you, Camila!
    The Essence polishes can be found in the Watsons stores at Lucky Plaza and Ngee Ann City! They also stock other brands like Canmake, Silky Girl and Golden Rose. Sasa outlets also have some pretty polishes. My friend, Susan (from Subtle Shimmer) also said that you can find some polishes at Topshop. You can also pop by Beadstreet at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard for some local polishes - Michelle (shares my name! lol!). DYON also stocks some polishes (including the new China Glaze Safari collection) at the flea at Scape (next to Cineleisure) from Fridays to Sundays. Smoochiezz also has a temporary outlet in Far East Plaza as well!
    And if your mum is going to shop at Bugis, they have some Tony Moly and Skin Food going at retail prices too. :D

  4. Oh wow, thanks for the complete info! Really appreciate it! <3

  5. No problem at all! Hope your mum will have fun in Singapore! :D

  6. Ahh I'm sorry but I haven't heard of any deals for RBLs :(

  7. awesome pictures :P

  8. Hihi, how about online purchase that deliver to sg?
    i wanna buy rescue beauty lounge!!